The Set-up

In these stories, daily life seamlessly merges with (typical) human imperfections, current affairs and large-scale developments. As the name suggests, the story-line is limited to the events of one day. Locations from all over the world pass by in this ‘global village’. The main lead is ‘the bigger picture’. Characteristic features of this series are the daily-informal use of language, the slick style, dry-down to earth tone and serious-humorous undertone. Separate but related subjects are constructively covered. The emphasis changes continuously to create diversity. One story emphasis the action or personal experiences, others more on the underlying theme. Sometimes psychological aspects are the focus, sometimes it focusses on social trends. Some texts are direct and descriptive; others are more metaphorical or philosophical. Scroll through the visual overview (including summaries and keywords) to get a further impression.

Why this set-up?

We use stories to connect, entertain, inspire or relate. This universal need doesn’t just enrich our existence; it also reveals how we relate to each other and the world. This mirror helps to stimulate our development. That’s why this characteristic of a story is explicitly present. The incessant interplay between one’s inner world and the outside world is very relatable. This ensures credibility. But it’s not really about the (personal) details. They are just a practical assistance in order to achieve a number of underlying goals, namely:

  • Demonstrate that ‘culture’, ‘zeitgeist’ or ‘the system’ aren’t vague, intangible matters. Our mental constructions, way of thinking, beliefs and the resulting actions from the world around us. We all participate in this interplay.
  • Trying to pinpoint some hard-to-grasp sentiments. This is basically an open book about the formation and fragmentation of worldviews, triggered by events in our daily lives. 
  • Translate large-scale developments to our daily lives. I’m using situations of my own life to do so. 
  • Stimulating an integral field of vision and a comprehensive way of thinking. 

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