I (try to) earn a decent living after some proper upbringing and attending a whole trajectory of ‘education’. There isn’t much interesting to share about my regular background. Much more noteworthy is that these words come from a sincere, imperturbable, contrarian, quirky, intuitive and down-to-earth Dutchman. A deep longing for connection, far-reaching insights and new experiences makes me stroll flexibly through life. It results in an unconstrained lifestyle that often clashes with the societal status quo. That’s why I’m blessed to end up in strange situations regularly. They give me the inspiration to bang this all out of my head. I just do it without any shame or hesitation. Expressing the versatility of existence in plain and striking language is a wonderful challenge. It’s a passion that makes my fingers tick eagerly, a calling that makes my heart pound faster. 

This carefully constructed nest is the launching pad of this calling. My brainchildren are hatched here, which then set foot into the big open world. These creations don’t obey society’s narrative, its dominant beliefs and political correctness. They resist the advancing language-police and thought-prison in their distinctive way while wandering around. This happens wherever, whenever. 

I’m using my artists’ name B.H. Zwerver since it’s about the message. My real identity is an irrelevant side issue. 

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